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A Shared Legacy of Innovation. Why the time is right to upgrade to Data Protector Premium or Express

MF Data Protector

As new technologies evolve or are introduced, new challenges follow closely behind. This is why the combination of HPE storage solutions and Micro Focus Data Protector software provide an ideal data protection solution.


Ask yourself:

  • Do you have multiple backup software solutions for different business applications and platforms?
  • How do you manage virtual, physical, hybrid cloud backups, and are you meeting your SLAs? 
  • Are you looking for an easy way to utilize new functionality without increasing license cost?
  • Do you have the insight to optimize your environment?

If you are struggling with any of these questions, Micro Focus and HPE have made it easy for anyone not currently using Data Protector or are currently using Data Protector with traditional licensing to make the move to Data Protector Premium or Express. These modern versions are specifically designed for hybrid environments, represent best-of-breed technologies, contain new capabilities and features, new integrations, have no relicensing restrictions, and all at no additional cost in most cases (many customers will realize a saving).


Below are assets and information that can help you make your evaluation easier:

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Flyer:  Accelerate, Simplify, and Secure Backup and Recovery with Data Protector and HPE Storage

MF DP 29x29

Case Study:  Atcore Technology - Micro Focus Data Protector with HPE Storage

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Video:  Micro Focus Data Protector and HPE

MF DP 29x29 White Paper:  Advanced Backup Functionality for Your Consolidated IT Environment
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Lookbook: Upgrade to Data Protector Premium with HPE

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Flyer:  Backup Your SAP HANA with Data Protector

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Web:  Micro Focus & HPE: Data Protector for protection and hybrid cloud storage

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Analyst Report:  Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Software-based Data Availability and Protection Solution for the Cloud Era

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Back Up to Hyperscale Cloud Services with Data Protector

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Demo (13:50): Data Protector – Mission Critical Applications Protection

MF DP 29x29Integrated Reporting with MF Data Protector – Flyer MF DP 29x29

Free Trial:  Start Your Free Trial of Data Protector Now

Join our November 9, 2021 webcast: Micro Focus Data Protector Upgrade with HPE

Free Trial: 90 Day

To find out more, we encourage you to contact your HPE or Micro Focus sales rep. And if you need immediate assistance, contact any of our Alliance team leads:

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