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Vivit has many great opportunities for our members to get involved and actively contribute to the largest, independent software user community by becoming volunteers for Vivit. These opportunities provide you with rewarding paths to share your own expertise and give back to the people who have helped you succeed.

The volunteer positions detailed below are always in need of staffing by qualified and dedicated members of the Community. If you would like to volunteer for any of the following positions, please contact us.

Ways To Serve the Community

  Community / LUG Leaders Vivit is looking for dedicated volunteer leaders to help support local user group activities as well as drive new initiatives.
  Speaker's Bureau Are you interested in speaking at a local Vivit LUG meeting or for a Vivit webinar? Please go to the Speaker's Bureau page and fill out the form to be added to the Vivit Speaker's Bureau.
  Discussion Forum Moderators Vivit currently has numerous active discussion forums on the website based on products and issues of interest to our members. If you would like to moderate a new or existing discussion forum, please fill out the Volunteer Application form.
  Content Review Committee The Vivit community thrives on the content generated by members. We are soliciting volunteers for a content generation and review committee. Candidates would help to establish guidelines for and review submitted material. The committee will be made up of volunteer leaders from a broad cross section of product areas to insure diversity and good coverage of subject matter expertise. In addition to reviewing content, the members of the committee would also be encouraged to help Vivit in defining new areas and ways of getting fresh content from members. This is a critical role within Vivit.
  Content Creation/Become and Expert Do you love to research, write or become a knowledge leader in top business initiatives or product reviews? This position is for you! If you want to contribute helpful content to help with training, thought leadership, product information or IT process, please fill out and submit the Volunteer Application form for this position.
  Advocacy Committee Being a strong voice for the community is one of the key pillars of Vivit's success. The main focus of this committee is to provide input to the Vivit board on areas of importance to the members.
  Education Committee Vivit is seeking to enhance its available educational offerings. If you are interested in creating new educational and training courses for use by Vivit, please submit your ideas by filling out the Volunteer Application form for this position.
  Program Committee The program committee has two main responsibilities: to suggest training topics for all Vivit-developed training and to solicit potential speakers for these training courses and review all training presentations for appropriate technical content.
  Website Innovation Vivit is looking for a small group of highly motivated volunteers to collaborate with the Vivit team as the keepers of the Vivit web presence. We could use individuals with a myriad of talents including not only organizational and marketing experience but also technical abilities such as experience with Coldfusion, Java, architects, database experts, Dreamweaver, copy editors, API developers, payment experts, list automation tool experts, experts in search tool recognition and security experts.
  Other Opportunities Other opportunities include creating content for the website (whether at a business or technical level, or somewhere in between) and writing technical articles for our newsletter. If you have an idea for volunteering that's not mentioned and you think it might benefit the Community, please contact us.

To participate in any of these volunteer positions, please contact us.

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